Data caps (Comcast, Xfinity, others…?$

For those who live in more civilized parts of the world with competitive home internet services on offer or reasonable regulation, this may be a bit surprising. But Comcast has been saber rattling to impose a data cap (1.2TB / month, plus $10 / 50GB after you hit that cap, or pay $30/month for unlimited data) in a number of states for a while. They hit delay during the pandemic when everyone was working from home and they were all hands on deck to ensure people had connectivity. Just recently they announced that they were going to delay again and not impose any caps in 2022.

After a bit of time working from home, oh boyo our data utilization had gone up. I’d never paid attention before, but with this impending I looked - we had been running at about 1.5TB/month for a while. Qobuz/Tidal running in the background many days, a fair bit of 4k video, zoom calls, and the phantom AppleTV “nothings happening but I’m still downloading like mad” across 4 AppleTVs, and… well there you go.

No one likes these caps, but sans regulation it seems like they’re within their rights to impose them.

Anyways, the cap appears to be off, but thought I’d mention since this is likely a fairly data-intensive crowd and I’d be interested in your perspective on whether this will ultimately go through, why you’d guess they delayed again through ‘22, and how you all think about it.

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Always amazes me. The UK may not have the best infrastructure compared to Asia but caps, aside from insane usage, are generally avoidable. Heck my 5g phone is uncapped at £20 a month.

Wow. I suppose when you deregulate markets and allow fairly unfettered consolidation some things happen… (referring to the US here)

I have been paying ATT U-Verse $30 per month for unlimited internet for years. I pay Verizon Wireless way more for unlimited cellular data on two iPhones and two iPads.

At home, Spectrum internet, with unlimited data at 200Mb down, is $75 a month in NY state. That’s just for internet without any TV.

OTOH, NY passed a law against data caps, but at the going rate then not much of a legislation.

Spectrum cellular with just voice and text is an additional $14 monthly.

Spectrum in Tennessee has no caps. They are probably coming everywhere, though, because cable companies have to make up lost revenue from people dropping cable tv and moving to streaming.

P.S. I think charter/spectrum is prohibited from having data caps until 2023 as one of the terms of past mergers.

Comcast made similar noise years ago and ultimately backed down. I was using them at the time and they sure got my attention. It was all I needed to dump them and switch to Fios which had just become available in my area. Their customer support is enough to make you switch in itself.

Ooh boy I wish I could get FioS here. Comcast has a monopoly (unless you count RCN), and I pay $100/month for internet only, (plus $30 for unlimited bandwidth if that goes through)!