Data on what I've been listening to before four weeks

I love seeing the data on how long and what I’ve been listening to over the last 4 weeks and all time. However I’d like to see more granular data for instance:

  1. Weekly recent listening breakdown statistics for every week for all time
  2. Weekly genre/artist/album data for every week for all time

That way I can see how my listening habits have changed over time. I can also answer questions like what was that album I loved in the summer of 2020. The data is there in the song history, but I’m sure there is a way to put it all together.


Maybe there is a work around, I do not know.
I would like to see back/forward arrows on recent listening.
I find myself on Albums tab searching using focus. There under the “most played” and “Played in the last” I would like some table like there is for release date (by years and months)

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Isn’t this what people use for?

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Then would be nice to integrate into roon

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It already is? :slight_smile:

This is what gives you back:

where is that?

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Oh, sorry, not so obvious, Top right, click your profile icon, and “Manage profiles” i think, in English:

(Or Settings - Profiles - Edit)

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On roon?
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 14.22.24

Found… yeeiiiiiii… thanks


How do you see your play history on the website? I can only see recommendations - I can’t find my history data…


I suspect that this is all a feature of the Pro version - which has a price tag on it. Ah well, I’m not that bothered, but thanks for educating me.

There’s probably a Roon Feature suggestion to add slicing and dicing to Roon’s History to do the same thing. Probably won’t arrive in my lifetime though… :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, I’m on a free account. I was having the account since my Spotify days. When moved to Roon I did not know I can sync and I forgot.

The only thing that is different, are the recommendations. After eating up Roon recommendations I go to Spotify radio based on the track. On they look better matched then Spotify but I’ll need more time to test.

I would prefer that on roon :slight_smile:

Then I’m stumped - my screen is very different to yours…

click on your icon profile. After Features
Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22.38.31

I am also on the free tier, but you re correct, many of these features are limited to the Pro-version. Anyways, click your profile name top right, then Reports in the tabs a bit down:

Gah - I thought that was to access Settings and Profile etc…

Thank you!

That now explains why Roon Labs will never prioritise doing anything with History - they’ve outsourced it to…


Thank you for the information. I had no idea this was available. I agree a bit disappointing that it’s not a core part of Roon. I’m always a bit uncomfortable opening my data to multiple different apps.

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