Database corrupted - works for days then app fails to connect

Hi Muel, fellow user trying to be helpful.

what if you reload the software and not restore the database. That way you can see if it is the database itself causing issues.

Thank you for the comment. So if I do a fresh install of the software you have to either let the database build from scratch or you restore a backup. Either way it fails soon after… a day or within a week. If I reinstall the OS it makes no difference. It is still failed and I have no choice but to reset the database or start from scratch again. Something is happening to the database… the only thing the same is over a TB of music files. I can’t fit them all on my older core as I was using a USB drive for some of them. The new core has a 4TB drive.

@support If you can’t see what is happing by looking at the logs let me know what else I can do. Anything to clean up the data or what could be causing it to start this trouble? Roon is unusable for me anymore like this. I need some word of what is happening with this and please let me know next steps.

Seriously, @support? Another week and nothing? Could you at least let me know what you are reviewing or what diagnostics or logs are showing you? Surely I’ve worked my way up in line by now?

So I got it working for a few days anyway. The database crashed again and the Roon Server software is restarting every 25 seconds again.

If your diagnostics or review of the logs isn’t revealing anything can you come up with an idea for next steps? I’m willing to do my part as much as I can.

So, now I reset the database and with a fresh database the constant restarting of the server software stops. I have to add the codecs back again but then I open the Roon client and start the restore of one of my backups (I’ve tried many to see if that made a difference).

All software has been reloaded multiple times (including older installs) on 2 different NUCs configured with ROCK. Network switches and cables were all swapped out long ago. Different endpoints… different client devices (PC, iPhone, iPad). I even have a new WiFi accesspoint but that is only used for the clients.

I know Covid is affecting many and hitting too close home. I hope that you are all well.

Hello @Muel, and my apologies for the delayed response here. I spoke with the QA team last week about this issue and they are still actively investigating the diagnostics we sent over. I have a meeting scheduled today to discuss this issue in detail with the QA team and will update you as soon as that meeting is concluded.

Thank you for the update. I look forward to hearing about the discussion. I wish my problem was less interesting and more boring and simple.

Hello @Muel, the QA team has informed me that they’re seeing some unmanaged crashes in the logs we sent over. Since you’ve tried this with the same database or the same library we have things narrowed down. To confirm what the QA team is seeing, could you please start up one more fresh database and only integrate a streaming service based library and let me know if that remains stable for 3-4 days, which seems to be the crash loop time.

From there, let’s add a piece back in at a time until we hit an issue. If the fresh database and streaming library work, let’s add in internal storage with audio analysis off.

I’ve been running the core and playing music for days nonstop and had no problem until I “powered off” via the browser interface. When I turned it back on it immediately started restarting over and over after 27 seconds or so running. I reset the database to fresh, disabled the library search, and enabled Tidal so it is all that can play. I’ll let it play and see what happens.

I’m curious about “power off” because the database has crashed both when using the power button on the core and when powering off from the browser interface. Of course, it also crashed while just sitting there running.
Do the logs show anything new?

Hello @Muel, so to confirm, you had a new database that wasn’t connected to your local library which ran fine until you restarted?

No, sorry I wasn’t clear. That was before I reset the database to fresh and streaming only. It is running on Tidal only right now and is fine so far. I will test a shutdown and power on soon to see if that causes a problem.

@nuwriy and @support It’s been running OK now for a couple of days with only Tidal. I have shut down the core and restarted a couple of times with no problem. Still playing fine and no crashes. I can do this for another day or 2 but let me know the specific next steps. I assume to add back my local library?

I can’t imagine what would be wrong with my local files to cause any database problems. I haven’t loaded any new music lately. The last was Don Grusin from PS Audio as a download back in August last year. Before that was around a dozen albums containing DSF files added to my folder named “DSD” back in April of 2020. There were some High Def Tape Transfer downloads and a few FLAC albums back in April as well… Henry Mancini, Little Feat, “Waiting for Columbus” and Nick Moss. Just wondering if diagnostics show any trouble with any of those.

Hello @Muel, for the next step, enable your library with audio analysis turned off, and let’s see if things are running that way. Regarding the logs, since we’re seeing unmanaged crashes it’s hard to determine which item exactly is causing the issue, so the team will want to narrow it down using these tests we’re performing.

Am I correct, @nuwriy that I set both “Background Audio Analysis Speed” and “On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed” to OFF. Then I will ENABLE “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage”? Is that right?

Hello, @nuwriy and @support… that didn’t take long. I let the core run with the internal storage enabled and audio analysis speeds both set to “off” and it was working fine until I tested shutting down the core. On power up it continued to restart over and over again just like before. I’ll go ahead and reset the database and wait for next steps from you. I hope you have found some clues. Thanks

Hello @Muel, glad we’re narrowing it down! I’m going to collect new diagnostics and send them over to the QA team.

Any update? I know you are busy with the latest update but I’m missing my music. Next step?

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