David Bowie Five Years 1969-1973 [Box Set]

On this box set Cd 8 - Ziggy Stardust is on two cd’s. Is it possible have two cd’s in Cd 8 as cd 1 and cd 2 or will I have to set it as one album. Hope you understand.

Hi Klaus,

Assuming the two cd’s are for the Motion Picture Soundtrack, does Disc 8 in Roon currently show as 20 tracks or does it show as disc 8 (11 Tracks) and disc 9 (9 tracks)?

When you say disc 1 and 2, do you mean you want it removed from the box set and as a separate album with 2 discs?

Cheers, Greg

Sorted. Boxset have 12 disc and it was showing only 10 disc.