Day 25 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! Today’s sonic morsel swings to you out of Sweden. I’m listening to this one today too, having arrived here from a greatest hits album that I have in my library.


  • Lovin’ the groove! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Not for me (1 star)

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Yesterday’s challenge is still taking votes here: Day 24

Not for me. I thought this was dull … pleasantly executed but nothing of interest in its delivery. Could be the soundtrack to a mediocre movie.

Gave it the 5 star rating but it’s really only worth 4 stars. Nice groove but I prefer the slightly more uptempo groove of groups (can we even them groups?) like Gare du Nord and Pink Martini. If you are unfamiliar with either of these recordings please give them a listen, it will be well worth your time.



Thanks Ralph! I have and like Pink Martini. Listening to Gare du Nord now.

I agree re. the star rating for Koop. I have a ‘greatest hits’ type album and like it more. I ended up voting 3 stars… :neutral_face:

@Jazzfan_NJ re. Gare du Nord.

I ended up listening to their full anthology and made it through a few hours before my mood shifted enough that I wanted something else. A couple of thoughts. Like Koop and Pink Martini, they’re good but inconsistent. There were songs that I immediately fell into the groove, but then others that missed the mark enough to almost trivialize the music they were trying to mash into their beats. In the end, I’d give them the same score…3+ stars? Occasional strong 4s. I’d definitely listen when I was in the mood, but I didn’t think they were, for example, Thievery Corporation. My 2 cents. :slight_smile:

I’ll listen to Hey Eugene! later today.

Struggled with this one. Really really wanted to like it because given the bio it looked right up my street but having heard various dark Scandinavian bands on the trip hop side of things this just missed it for me.

Indeed I think the description of trip hop is a bit out - more pop than that but certainly inoffensive and I’ll at least visit some of their other work.