Dbpoweramp ripping DSP effects / Replay Gain settings for perfect music library

I am building my digital library (more than 1000 music CDs) to manage by Roon to cast KEF LS50 mark II powered speakers. I am very sensitive to loudness ( most of my library consists of music CDs from 1980s, 1990s without loudness issues) So, I would consider my self a purist regarding my musical taste. I am using Dbpoweramp to rip my CDs into FLAC format. What DSP effects / Replay Gain settings do you recommend. ? Thanks for your support.

Don’t know about gain settings, but the accumulated wisdom is that one shouldn’t apply DSP settings during a dBpoweramp rip.

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When I was still ripping CD’s via dBpoweramp, I used to apply HDCD in DSP settings to get 24 bit rip

That just works for CDs in HDCD format?

only ones i ever did it on

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