dBpoweramp to convert my WMA files to FLAC - Now Roon plays them!

A long time ago I started with Microsoft Zune (I know, most of you won’t know what Zune is) and so I had about a thousand albums saved to my PC as lossless WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.

Roon wouldn’t recognize them which was disappointing.

I found and purchased dBpoweramp (about $60) and within a weekend, I was able to convert every album to FLAC. The prep time where I had to select the tracks took about 90 minutes of work; but dBpowerAmp ran flawlessly and by the end of the weekend it had successfully replicated every file into FLAC.

Now my Roon Nucleus+ has every one of these albums included and they all play flawlessly (no pun intended).

dBpowerAmp also enables CD ripping. This was one of the most satisfying and worthwhile purchases ever. Highly recommended.


I am also a satisfied user of dBpoweramp, that and mp3tag are my weapons of choice.


Dbpoweramp is the best
I use it in combination with tagscanner. Their discogs integration is unseen

So you were the customer!
WMA a chargeable codec from Microsoft even back in the day that was doomed.
(I worked for Microsoft)

Didn’t know WMA had a lossless mode. I always associated it with mp3 in terms of quality but the proprietary nature ensured I gave it a wide berth (that and the DRM on files…). I too use dBpoweramp and mp3tag.

dBPoweramp for me and Meta (App Store) for editing.

Same here plus I use:

FastStone Image Viewer FastStone for working with images, much simpler to learn than other image editing software.

Renamer 6.0 for batch file renaming and renumbering (I don’t believe that software is available for download)

Foxit Reader Foxit for working with and viewing PDFs since I can’t stand Adobe Reader.

EditPad Lite 8.0 Edit for working with text files.

Please note: all of the above are Windows programs and several of them are free for personal use and a few others have a reasonable lifetime fee. However all of them are very good replacements for the programs that come with or are recommended by Windows.