dCS Bartok and UPnP

I will be very soon getting a dCS Bartok DAC. (cant wait!!!) I am running Roon ROCK on my Intel NUC. My music files will be living on a QNAP TS-473 NAS. I’m going to be using my Bartok to play files that I have downloaded from my NAS and also streaming audio from Tidal or QoBuz. The dCS web site says that the Bartok is a “custom high performance UPnP music streamer”. Not totally understanding exactly what the means but I think have a good idea. Now does that mean I need to have UPnP running on my QNAP NAS and / or running on my NetGear router? Need a little help. Thanks.


so its Roon Ready…just connect to the network and you should be good to go I think…at least that what roon appears to be telling us…nothing on the dcs site about Roon Ready tho

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No. As the first reply stated, you:
1- Connect the Bartok to the network
2- Go to Settings/Audio in Roon and enable the Bartok device

Done! You can now play to the Bartok from Roon.

Hello @support, Could you please take a look at my original question?
Thanks --Tim

Your question was answered by @wizardofoz and @miguelito.

If you plan to use Roon for playback then you don’t need anything having to do with UPnP.

If you aren’t planning on using Roon then please pose your question on the dCS Community site. This is Roon’s forum and should only be used for discussions that directly involve the use of their products.

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