dCS Bartók Streaming DAC + HP amp

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Do the Line Level setting working in analog output stage, or in digital domain ?
I’m playing around with 0.6v and 2v. If setting at 2v, my integrated amp volume usually set at ~ -3x to -2x dB. If set at 0.6v, then will be ~ -1x dB to -2x dB, where i find the setting at 0.6v sounds a little bit better.
But seems most people will advice to set it to 2v, so this confuse me.


Hi Ermos, I had the Bartók for home loan and was very impressed (speakers listening). However the version I had was without the optional HP amp. I am currently using a Violectric V200 with Senns HD 800S with excellent results. Based on your experience would the extra outlay to get the HPA version with the Senns be worth it (one less box one less interconnect) or should I go for the version without the headphone amp?


Hi Andrew, I too would love a native Qobuz integration (especially if it would show the booklets that for classical music fans is a big Qobuz plus :-)). However, although I was extremely pleased with the sound of the Bartók during my home demo, I was underwhelmed as far as the dSC app is concerned. My humble opinion is that either dSC has to put serious effort on the app development (I have been a member of the beta testing group for a product of the competition and know how tricky this can be…) or simply rely on using 3party apps or Roon (as some other competitors do). I don’t have experience with the app on other products like Rossini or the bridge and may be unfairly critical. Not a deal breaker at all though, Roon works like a charm.


I too looked at the dCS app when I first purchased my Vivaldi set-up and decided that Roon was the way to go for me. The app was probably a good option when dCS first released those products.

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We are well aware of the issues with our app and are working to make improvements.


Thanks for clarifying


Hi DrPo,

I would certainly go for the integrated HP amp. Its performance is improving over time (now 6 weeks for me), and the sound quality is very pleasing, both with the Senns HD 800S, and the Focal Utopias. Besides, the integration is very convenient to use: just press the output button and the line outs are closed and the HP out is activated. Bartók remembers your last volume settings, both for line out and HP out. You can set both the line out level (0.2 - 0.6 - 2 - 6V) and headphone out level (0 - -10 - -20 - -30dB) independently, to match both your amp and headphones.

If you have the opportunity, listen first before purchase, as always. If not, you will not regret the HPA.


thanks Ermos, appreciated! As said I cannot demo the headphone amp equipped version so it will be a leap of faith (with a good measure of trusting other listeners’ feedback like your good self)