dCS Network Bridge and ROON

My CDs are ripped to a 1TB WE basic storage drive. Where should it be plugged in for Roon to see and use it’s content? I want to start trial by installing Roon on Windows computer. The dCS Mosaic control app does not see stored drive at all.

Is the drive currently connected to a NAS? Is that why you posted in the NAS section?

What is WE basic storage drive?

Your drive must either be installed in computer running (or connected to computer if it is an external drive) Roon core, or be available on your local network. Then you enter storage under Settings in Roon and click “+ Add Folder”, this can be either a local drive on the computer running Roon core, or a network drive. This is how I have set up one of my network drives in Roon.

WD most likely - a typo or autocorrect thing happened.

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Yes, WE is brand name of USB connected SSD. Will ROON run successfully on a computer running wireless? Doesn’t running on a computer degrade the sound?

I stand corrected…wifi is not ideal to run a core. It might run but might have issues depending on what and where you are playing from and to.

I run it over wired to some rooms, WiFi to others. All work fine.
Some people warn against WiFi because it sometimes doesn’t work well. That’s if you have Bad WiFi ™. If you have Good WiFi ™ it works fine. :smile:
Seriously, try it, there won’t be a sound quality problem, if WiFi doesn’t work well for you there will be hiccups or disconnects, very obvious.

Wrt running it on a computer, a lot of people warn against that because of the possibility of noise transmission, many do it with good results, I have seen measurements that show no degradation. I prefer a dedicated machine (Nucleus or NUC) just for simplicity, so there is no backup or print job or Photoshop going on when I want listen. And the Nucleus is always on.

okay! you talked me into it. I am going to give it a try. I hope Roon will see and lend some organization to my HDD ripped CDs. Scrolling through a 1500 item list is not acceptable.

The benefit of Roon is to not have the computer connected directly to the output. Everything goes over ethernet (or wifi). The Core should be on ethernet; outputs can be on wifi.

Of course, Roon core directly connected to DAC either via USB or HDMI will work fine as well, but best audio is achieved when having core on ethernet and Roon ready outputs connected to ethernet og wifi. Roon Ready outputs will lead to output in control of the clock and just fill up internal buffer when required.

It is running wireless on my home computer right now. So far, no problems! Fingers crossed though. Loving the operation and the sound right now. May hear something after I become accustomed to it. Planning on subscribing to ROON and saving my pennies for a Nucleus. Speaking of which, how about the Intel NUC mini computers? Isn’t that more or less losing the benefit of the 100% dedicated nature of the Nucleus?

If you install ROCK (the Roon OS) on the NUC, that’s pretty much the same.
You save some money in return for a little bit of work, I have done both, easy.

Putting Windows on a NUC is a different matter, I have written about the advantages of simple, single-purpose system, which are different from the advantages of a complex, multi-purpose system. For Roon, I choose single purpose, ROCK or Nucleus. For my desktop, where I do all kinds of work, I choose Windows.

Oh. Okay then. Thanks for the input. Appreciate your time fooling with a newcomer to Roon AND to dCS! My stereo has never sounded quite as “musical” as it does now that I have the Bridge! Managed to purchase one used, otherwise probably never been able to have it.