DCS Vivaldi Upsampler Issue [Resolved - clocking setup]

I have an issue with Nucleus + and Vivaldi Upsampler.
Audio drops every 8-1- seconds for split second.
Regardless if I play music on my usb disc or Tidal.
Vivaldi logs attached.

Also noticed when music is not playing, and upsampler is set to net player, I still see on dropouts on vivaldi dac ( volume bar goes on and off for split second)

Hey @RobPod – thanks for letting us know. This sounds like it might be related to older dCS firmware, and I believe this was fixed a while back.

Can you confirm the firmware version you’re running on the dCS gear? Then @AMP and I can confirm whether this is the issue I’m thinking of or something else.


Device version: 0.64.350.0xfe44a6d

Airplay version: 190.9

Hi @RobPod

This cold be related to a couple of different things and is a symptom of the root problem. Just so I’m clear I understand that you have the Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler, but do you have a Vivaldi clock as well?

Also can you please provide the following information:

  1. You are playing from your Nucleus Roon core via the network input on the upsampler, correct?

The following two are assuming you don’t have a Vivaldi clock:

  1. Do you have the clock connection between the upsampler and DAC setup for the upsampler to be the master or the DAC to be the master?

  2. If the DAC is the master then are you using Universal Master Mode (globe icon with an M on the DAC display)?

  3. What is your output setting on the upsampler (DXD, DSD, etc)?

  4. What software versions are you running on the DAC and upsampler (available via the front panel menu under Information > Versions)?

  5. Do you have the serial RS232 cable connected between the upsampler and DAC? Can you please verify that the end connected to the DAC is marked DAC and not Transport?

From my customer:
“Upsampler says control board 2.02. Front panel 2.01. Interface board 2.06. And Network 350. DAC says control board 2.02. Front panel 2.02.
The upsampler shows an M in lieu of a W when the input is set to network. The DAC always says W with a little 2 next to it. As for output. I don’t know as I just inadvertently pressed the output button on the upsampler before looking. Now I need guidance as to what I should set it too. I think for network it has been on 0/44.1 192.”

Hi @RobPod

This is definitely an issue with the configuration of the clock cabling and setup. Going to send you a PM in a moment…

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great, he told me that the output is set to 2xDSD

All resolved. Was a master clock configuration issue.