dCS... Where are you?

Anybody been in touch with dCS of late? Over the past six weeks or so, I have sent them several messages through their website mail portal. Have yet to get any response.


Have you tried their forum. They pushed out a new version of Mosaic not that long ago and I got an email from them about that.

Paging @amp if you are still hanging out on this forum.

@AMP has been MIA for a long time, I would like to know what’s going on, he was very helpful. James Cook is also very helpful but I have not gotten any responses in the last month or so.

The dCS forum is at http://dcs.community.

Sorry guys, I’m still around, but most of my direct support responsibilities have transitioned to James Cook (@James around here). I work with him in the background if there’s an especially hairy issue. If you have a dCS-specific support issue, especially one that isn’t Roon-specific, please raise it on our support forum (https://dcs.community). That way it’s sure to get properly logged and tracked.

@Thom_Boughton, sorry for the issues with the email form on the website. The back-end of this part of the site is getting re-worked as we’ve had periodic delivery issues. Please raise the issue on our community site and James will get you taken care of.

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