dCS works amazing with Roon

I have had the Rossini and clock for almost a year now and I just gotta say this thing is rock solid with Roon. Never fails, never drops never won’t connect. I have a lot of other roon endpoints in my home and the DCS is the only one that never fails. In case anyone is on the fence for getting a DCS product I highly recommend it. Such a solid no BS product. You do get what you pay for.


Same experience here.

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I have a full Vivaldi stack system with D’Agostino mono blocks. While obviously an expensive purchase I feel that after 45 years of being a hi-fi crazy person I have reached my end goal. Tied in with Roon the system runs perfectly well, easily controllable via iPad and iPhone and never misses a beat despite what files i ask it to play. Roon is not perfect, what software is, but combined with DCS it it the closest I think you can get to a musical nirvana. Thank you to both companies for giving us the opportunity to enjoy great music so effortlessly.


Same experience here. I started with a Bartok HA in April and used it in a strictly headphone based system. I was so impressed with the performance that I decided to return it to the dealer and replace it with a Rossini + Master Clock. This combination has outperformed my Linn Klimax DS in my 2 channel Naim system and has replaced it.

The Linn has now moved to another room and will be used for headphone only duties.

Roon works flawlessly with dCS. Much better than it ever has with the Linn. Then again dCS is fully RAAT and ROON certified while the Linn is strictly ROON capable.

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Im totally with ian!
I have a full vivaldi stack with Roon and for me its it!
I want nothing else on the digital end!
Vinyl… oh … vinyl is vinyl! Another kind of experience!


I just installed ROON 1.8 on my Linux server. But I do not see my DCS Bartok (on ethernet) an the audio zone list. How do I connect to it?

do you see it’s airplay option on the Roon list?

no. I do not have airplay. But it was under the Audio settings.

Please try the dCS Support forum, you will get help soon: