Dead RPi Walking?

I have a DigiOne/RPi endpoint going to a Yggy DAC via a SPDIF and on to my amp via RCA cables.

Lately, that path is not performing. When starting a track, I get the message, “Starting playback on your Audio device. This may take a moment!”

Well, five or six “moments” later, still no music. I fear I may have carelessly cooked the kit by placing it on top of the Yggy, where I later read that it was over a 70 degrees C!

My troubleshooting skills are quite crude; I was hoping a good soul out there could walk me through how to determine what the actual problem is. Many thanks in advance.

My RPI4 running a Pi2aes hat SPDIF (no heat sink) never goes past 50degree C running Ropieee. My RPI4 USB with heatsink sits at 43 degrees C.

Do you have another RPI to try?
70 degrees C is very high.

What OS are you using?

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70 is high but the Pi should be within operating temps up to about 75C. I don’t know what OS your running but I suspect it should shut itself down if it went over operating temps. Doesn’t mean the network chip isn’t toasted and the CPU is fine though. You could try switching from wired / wireless maybe.

You might also have a corrupted SD card (they don’t like heat either). Have you tried to reimagine the card or, better, use a new card and try fresh install?

And, none of this is addressing what happens if the HAT overheats. From my d1 signature experience its hard to troubleshoot the Allo HATs. A clue might be to login and run:


This is a Unix command that, basically, display the console buffer which should include any catastrophic / fatal system messages.

Good luck.

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I would also vote for reimagine the SD card , or better still replace it

The only problem I had with my RPi in 3 years was fixed that way , after I bought a new Pi :joy:, I now have a spare

Can’t hurt

Sorry. Running latest of Ropieee (no XL). The 70 temp was a function of placing the kit on top of the Yggy (not cool, to say the least).

I think I’ll try, in this order: reflash SD; swap out RPi; buy new HAT. I’ll let you know. Many thanks

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