Deal: TIDAL HiFi at Best Buy for $0.99 activation - initial 3 months, then $14.99/month

Just picked up this deal before my trial ended:

Not too bad. The sub is managed by BB account, not TIDAL (it’s linked).

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I believe this is the same deal discussed here. You can also get an annual plan for $99/year if you are a my Best Buy member (free to join)> Reading the terms, it looks like it would renew at this price as well, although they state they will notify you if they will change the price.

f. Change of terms or subscription price. From time to time, we may make changes to these terms without notice to you. Your renewal of the subscription will indicate consent to these terms. However, for any price increases, we will provide notice to you first. If you do not consent to the price increase, you may either discontinue further renewals or cancel the subscription before such change take effect.

Perhaps few people are willing to pay the $20/month price or are migrating to Qobuz, and thus the reason for this offer.