Debian or ROCK?

I wouldn’t use ROCK personally, I have a NUC with Debian 12 running Roon server and Plex server for Plexamp use outside the house as I don’t like Roon ARC.
Music is on a NAS

Wouldn’t that require some Linux skills , the whole point of ROCK is it’s maintenance free.

Once installed it just looks after itself


Yes of course, but they don’t mention they’re void of such skills.
Plus it’s very basic and to get things running they don’t need to do anything other than install Debian then install Roon server.

I’d argue that the process of finding and updating the NUC bios, as described in the Roon ROCK installation guide is equally daunting to someone unfamiliar with it.
I had to flash my NUC bios twice to get to the latest bios I needed as I had to install an intermediary bios, then the final one.

And then it doesn’t do anything more than ROCK does, the only difference is that it is simpler with ROCK.

That’s not necessary with current NUCs. In cases of NUC models where it is necessary it would be just as necessary for Debian or any other distro because the Linux kernels aren’t that different between ROCK and a normal Linux distribution

Not true at all, I run my Plex server on the Debian NUC as well I can’t do that with ROCK. My NUC is sufficient to comfortably run both, and more.

According to the ROCK installation guide, it’s necessary.

The point is, they have the choice, ROCK or installing an OS like Linux and installing server, I am pointing out another option. Roon do provide a Linux install script, it’s not like I am advocating a workaround or a hack. They either have the skills to install Linux or the desire to learn them or they do not, but it’s a valid option for them to consider.

As was pointed out, the OP in the original thread explicitly asked for guidance on ROCK, so you are going off-topic here.

As a result, I’ve moved your post and the replies to your own thread where you can debate the differences between Debian and ROCK to your heart’s content. Thank you.

It’s fine, I’ve said as much as I need to.
I was just trying to help

Of course you can, but not under this condition:

I pointed out that if you do just that then ROCK performs the same task in a simpler way.

Because it may have been once. Like I said, both Debian and ROCK use the Linux kernel and ROCK‘s seems quite up to date, so either it’s necessary for both or neither.

The merits of ROCK vs another OS plus Roon Server have been debated in a hundred threads previously and in the end it’s down to personal preference and requirements. No need to rehash.