Debunk pseudo science claims in HiFi world

I bet you hear a lot of topics like:

  1. Hi-Res music is pointless. Objective measurements show that!!!

  2. You said DSD sounds better because you have confirmation bias! My knowledge help me to avoid confirmation bias

  3. You should not hear it! It s your brain fooling you!!!

These are indeed pseudo-science claims.

If you are interested to find out more. Feel free to check out my new blog:

Debunk Pseudo Scientific Claims (


@James_Sun you should probably be aware that there is an already-well-established and widely-read blog that serves a need that I think you are trying to address:


Thanks a lot for your reply. I know about that site.

I think I may have a different viewpoint so I decided to created my own one.

One more thing, for my blog, you won’t find any measurements.

For the measurements, I believe that ASR or Archimago would do a much better job.

For me, my focus is more on the conceptual stuffs.

I found that a lot of people don’t know what is confirmation bias.

A lot of people draw “scientific claim” based on wrong logical reasoning.

I have a background in identify these pseudo science claims. I want to help to debunk these claims as much as I can.

Feel free to comment on my blog. Enjoy.

Out of interest, what is your back ground/qualifications regarding science?

Probably you could guess the first one.

I have master degrees in Psychology, Physics and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.

I won’t claim that everything I said are 100% correct but I will do my best as I can to help.

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You were very lucky, I had to get a job at 16 to live.

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I have some freinds who had to start to work pretty young too due to various reasons and they are indeed very smart and doing pretty well. I hope you are doing well too.

To me, I think education is nothing if you don’t know how to think critically.

I met a lot of highly educated people but they cannot think critically.

Listening tests also show that.

To me, that’s what education actually is: learning how to think. You can then decide what to think about specifically.