Dedicated Roon UI?

To clarify, you have to buy the wireless charging dock separately (its not included), and there have been stock issues in the past. Looking at Amazon now its in stock for $55 (or just get a used one) … kinda pricey but worth it since the tablets are pretty cheap (when you catch them on sale). I suggest waiting for a price drop on the tablet before buying (they always drop in price), but the charging dock rarely goes on sale so you might need to pay full price for it. Make sure you get the right generation dock with the tablet you buy (they can differ).


I like my MacBook Air. Two words:

Dedicated Playback Keys.

OK that’s three words but I like physical buttons to play, pause, skip, and my lazy fingers like the trackpad. I barely have to move!

Rests nicely in my lap with no hands required to hold it in my easy chair.

I’ve got roon remote working on amazon echo show 15,works great in the kitchen

iPad Pro for the win. Once you’ve used Roon with an iPad Pro in Portrait (not Landscape) mode, you will see what I mean.

Honestly I think it must be their primary development target device, and yes used in this orientation (I know it sounds crazy).


How does this work exactly? I’m thinking about getting the Echo Show 15 (I have the 10 and 8 now). Just using the Silk browser and the web extension? Does it stay on the screen while playing, or eventually goes away after a bit? curious … thanks

I’ve got the show 10 aswell but the show 15 jst got the firetv update its like a firestick now but with a touch screen,ive got it in the kitchen running implayer and tivimate for iptv /.hulu/netflix / youtube app/I jst sideloaded the roon remote apk onto the show,works great and is really smooth ui cause show 15 has amlogic a73, Amazon lists the SoC of the Echo Show 15 as an Amlogic Pop1, which seems to be very closely related to the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube’s Amlogic Pop1-G processor. Both devices use octa-core CPUs and both have four CA73 cores and four CA53 cores. The only unknown variable about the Echo Show 15’s CPU is its clock speed, since Amazon doesn’t list it, compared to the Fire TV Cube which is listed as having four 2.2GHz and four 2.0GHz cores. The GPU of both devices, on the other hand, are identical Arm Mali-G52 GPUs, down to both of them having eight shader cores as well, as is designated by the MP8 listing for both.

Surprisingly, the Echo Show 15 has the Fire TV Cube beat in one aspect and that’s RAM. The Echo Show 15 has a whopping 3GB of RAM while the Fire TV Cube has just 2GB. Both devices have 16GB of internal storage, both support AV1 video decoding, and both devices are running Fire OS 7 based on Android 9. As for HDR support, the Echo Show 15 is listed as not supporting any variant, but that’s likely more due to the built-in screen not supporting HDR than anything else. The Echo Show 15 also only supports 1080p video, again, likely due to the screen being only a 1080p panel.


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Forgot to mention. The kitchen is a Fire HD10. For my setup you do also need to purchase the charging dock. I embedded the charging dock into the mortar and ran the power cable hidden to the nearest socket.


Looks like a pro did it! Nice job!

@james_macdonald1 Very nice … thanks for the rundown! Another good reason for me to get it for the kitchen. Good to know how the FireTV update helps with this.

Does Roon app run in tablet landscape mode on it?

Yes landscape works


Me too! iPad Pro…

You’re right … very nice in portrait mode… never really tried that with my iPad Pro. Unfortunately I pretty much exclusively use it in landscape mode because of the magic keyboard, but it is a nice experience in portrait if that works for you.

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iPad Mini works like a dream as a Roon UI

An old Lancashire Phrase

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That’s why we redecorated :rofl: :rofl:

WE renovated the whole house when we moved in 15 years ago, we are past experts on angle grinding dust , MOVE YOUR KIT , before you start !!

If it were left to me I’d see the the cable but SWMBO :rofl:

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