Dedicated Roon UI?

Curious if anyone has any suggestions for a dedicated device for the Roon UI. Would love to use Roon to stream to my RasPI/HifiBerry without using my phone or other device which gets notifications/etc which hurt the immersive experience. Just want to focus on my music and no emails/texts/social media/etc.

I mostly use my Dell XPS 15 laptop, but also use an iPad Mini 6 and iPad 8th Generation.

I use an iPad Pro with all notifications turned off. Since all apps run full-screen, when I am in Roon, TIDAL, etc. there is nothing to distract me.


I happened to have an older Lenovo Android tablet with a flip-out kickstand . I works perfectly for me. Anything that will support the full remote display rather than the truncated phone small screen format is my preference. I do have other apps on it, but they are all media related. Hope that helps.

Cheap Amazon Fire tablets do a decent job. I use four, each in a different room.
I have one wall mounted in the kitchen. Very user friendly, once set up.


Indeed. Another maybe useful tip to improve on immersion is to hide the top and bottom bars of the (android) device:

(Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, using SystemUI Tuner.)


My new iPad Pro 12.9 M2, not cheap but perfect. No Disturb mode is enabled with two taps and it doubles as a wireless external display from my also-new Air (I’m pretty chuffed :slight_smile: One has to admit, Apple got this right).

The stand is from Lululook on Amazon and it’s great. The iPad can rotate and swivel in its mount, and there is a second hinge at the base, so you can put the iPad in any position. It’s magnetic too, so it’s plucked off easily with one hand. It’s like the stand Apple should make (but then it would cost 600 instead of 90)


We’re an Apple house and not a fan of Android, but I can’t imagine paying for an iPad just to run Roon. A cheap fire tablet might be perfect!

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Though most of the time I use my iPhone or iPad, the semi-perfect “it just sits there in a stand” Is a fire HD10 when it’s on sale (prime day, Black Friday, often renewed available). Android is snappy, and if you just want to make sure there’s a reasonable size screen next to your listening station, it just works. It’s not buttery or perfect resolution like an iPad. But everyone’s budget is different, and these can be $65. Since I have 3 places I often listen, I have 3 of these vs 1 item to carry around.

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iPad pro M2 11" here. Or directly from the MacBook air M1 when I’m on the desktop. Roon is on the MacBook screen in fullscreen mode and for everything else I use a external monitor

Curious what model(s) Kindle Fire are you using? I assume the $99 HD8 would have plenty horsepower for just running running the Roon client? Or should I step up to the HD10 for the bigger/higher resolution screen?

My 2 cents:

  • definitely get HD10 not HD8 purely for size (I believe that HD8 doesn’t show the full tablet screen, I think it’s basically a scaled up phone interface)
  • definitely wait for a sale and get it (well) sub-$100

Thanks! Set a CamelCamelCamel price alert :slight_smile:

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Always happy to help out the incredibly generous and helpful author of udp-proxy-2020!

Don’t know how many listening stations / chairs you have, but I’d get n+1 when they go on sale (refurbs were $65 and new $75 on BF). They also make fabulous displays on a stand with display always on and kiosk browser. Look just right on a bookshelf on a nice wooden stand.


For use as a Roon Remote only, does an iPad Pro 11 or 12.9 really give you anything more than an iPad 10th Generation other than slightly larger? The price difference is pretty significant.

I was thinking about trading my iPad 8th Gen for a 10th Gen to get 4G/5G since I also use it as a Verizon hotspot.

why not just get the cheapest 9th generation iPad? Seriously though, just to use Roon I don’t see why. It’s basically the same app as far as I can see. Your Core is doing all the work. Even with my 15% Apple discount from a family member, I wasn’t willing to buy an iPad.

The HD8 shows full tablet screen on landscape but not on portrait.


No :slight_smile: It’s a rather insane thing just for Roon, but it’s gorgeous when the Air and the iPad are side by side on the desk and used dual-screen with both having nearly the same screen size

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My favorite device is the Amazon Fire HD10 Plus (or HD8 Plus - I have both). Highly recommend getting the Plus version so you can buy the wireless charging dock. So handy to just lift it out of its charging dock to use Roon and then put back to charge when done without messing with any wires (and the dock on its own is nice to use as a display of what’s playing). It’s worth going to the HD10 from HD8 … the extra screen real estate makes it worth it … BUT, it is a bigger footprint with the wireless charging dock so look at the dimensions to know what you need depending on where you place it :slight_smile:

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Oh, didn’t realize the HD10 Plus came with a charging dock. I assumed it was one of those charging pad things you use for a phone. Thanks for the info!

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