Deep linking into Roon UI?

Deep Linking into Roon UI?

Is there a way to deep-link into the Roon UI? E.g. I would love to be able to generate URLs that when clicked open the Roon app (be it desktop or on mobile) and the appropriate context (an album, a song, a radio station, a playlist, etc).


  • Sharing content with fellow Roonies in emails, messages, etc.
  • Generating links for web site visitors to click on (e.g. “Listen to my Radio Station on Roon!”)
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Not at present but iirc there has been some topics posted in #roon:feature-suggestions.

The only sharing at present is the what am I listing to image (creation, storage and URL).


Yeah, I figured as much. It seems like a real missing feature, considering the ubiquity of these types of links elsewhere. Perhaps not all concepts in Roon are deep-linkable due to the custom / localized nature of some setups, but there do seem to be certain universal concepts that could be shareable?