Default Basic Web UI?

I’ d looked into using things like Roon Http API in the past and I thought I’d read that every core has a very basic web UI that just shows the current status, current song, position, etc.

I may have got it confused with something else but thought I’d ask is there a port that shows a very basic ui?

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No there’s no basic Web UI that ships with the core AFAIK but you can install a Roon extension for that – not directly on a Nucleus(+) or ROCK Core for obvious reasons though:

I read this as only showing information, and not interacting with it.
You might mean this :

…which is available under https://YourCoreIPaddress:9100/display

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Yes Marco, that might be what Julian is looking for. The repeated ask for an UI is what tricked me here into believing that he want’s some sort of transport control.

Thanks, the display is useful but I must have made a mistake about what I thought I’d read before, it was just a very basic web ui with minimal controls. I’ll search through the docs for web controller and see of that’s what I was thinking of.