Default Roon EQ settings

No, not really. :frowning:
Thanks anyway.

I don’t make backups as there is nothing to back up.
My ROCK installation is the gateway only for Qobuz and Internet radio. The music I regularly listen to is either on CDs or vinyl.
Good idea, though, for the future.

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Actually, what I showed you is Roon’s default set of PEQ bands when activating it the first time, so I don’t know what you’re after, really.

Well, what bothers me is the following. I loaded a predefined “low pass” filter and here it is. The same was with “low shelf” (and others), but I overwrote them.

I showed you Roon’s default set of filter settings in my second post and how to change their settings in my first.
That should enable you to manually reset to the “default”.


Thanks, @Marin_Weigel, but this is not what I am looking for. On my ROCK, this curve is not flat but got the first three bands equalized (at least used to).