Deferring download & installation

Swept along in the wave of launch day euphoria, I’ve just bought the app…

…but the truth is I’m not really ready to download, install and configure it yet.

Although I’ve watched all the videos and read the reviews, which left me in no doubt that I wanted that user interface and functionality, the truth is I haven’t yet got my head around just what hardware I will require (to supplement my Meridian MC200 and 818V2).

So, 2 questions for you:-

  • can I defer the download to a time that suits me (perhaps in a couple of weeks)?

  • can you add a really basic idiots guide to hardware requirements & installation/configuration of Roon, suitable for music loving technophobes, as opposed to the extremely knowledgeable music loving technophiles who I suspect comprise the bulk of your current customer base!

Thanks, and many congratulations on getting the product to market. I’m sure it’s going to be great, I’m just not yet sure how…


Hey Neil, you don’t have to get your install/setup perfect the first time. I’d recommend you install Roon on the hardware you currently have available, and if at any time you need to transfer your Roon installation to a new machine, give us a holler and we’ll help you out.

As far as hardware requirements, check out the FAQ post here, and @brian’s highly informative post on hardware requirements here (also linked from the FAQ post). I think this should help you out!