Define a Bluesound stereo pair in Roon

I am currently on a Roon trail, investigating whether it can completely replace the Bluesound controller for desktop computers. I have three Bluesound speakers. I was able to configure two of them as a stereo pair (in one room) and added a third speaker (in another connected room) to the group, playing both left and right channels.

Now it appears that Roon can not detect speaker groups defined with the Bluesound controller, so I have to group the speakers in Roon. I was able to do so, but I have not found a setting for controlling stereo pairing of speakers. Is there a way to specify that a speaker in a group should play only the left or right channel?

Thanks in advance,

Don’t know if this would work - but there is an option within the DSP section of Roon to add a mixer control - this could be used to set both channels of a Bluesound speaker to play the Left channel, similarly another Bluesound speaker could then be set to be the Right channel and they could then be grouped in Roon. Not something that could be switched on and off quickly though.

I haven’t tried it but I think that you can create a fixed stereo group using the Bluesound controller and then Roon would see this as an endpoint.

Thank you Mike. In the meantime, I have managed to let Roon play to a group defined in BlueOS, see this message. Rebooting one of the speakers and/or redefining the speaker group in BlueOS seems to have been necessary to enable Roon to detect the group, but in the end it worked and the stereo settings made in BlueOS are used when Roon plays to the Bluesound group. I am glad this works now. But still it is good to know there is a way to configure stereo settings in Roon too.