Delay in new albums on Tidal

I love a Friday when I am off work. It’s new release day on Tidal. I am new to Roon and eagerly got up early to have a browse…nothing there :grinning::grinning: I take it there must be a delay getting the new releases on Roon?

So now I am replying to my own posts . :grinning: a bizarre fix for this is to use my DAP or probably any other device TIDAL is on and find the album and add it to my collection . This then shows on Roon .

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But, to answer your question, Roon only gets the information from Tidal after it has been released, so there will always be a delay inside Roon. Over the years, the devs have worked to make that delay shorter and shorter.

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The Tidal you see inside Roon is after Roon has integrated the Tidal database into Roon. At one time this was once a week, I think now it is at least once a day, and I think more often than that. So there will always be some delay between what you see in an actual Tidal app/web browser and what you see in Roon for new releases. And yes, the way around it is to find something in Tidal itself and add it to your favorites, after that it will show up in Roon when you login to Tidal/Roon again.

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Its a 24h delay for new releases.

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Actually it was only a couple of hours for a few of the new releases as long as you search for them

Searching yes, but it still takes 24 hours to appear in the New albums section in the Tidal view.

I see what you mean now. I just use the TIDAL app to look at the new releases and then search. Not ideal but it’s no big issue really

I’m having an issue where some songs that I add in the TIDAL app are showing up as unavailable and/or not playing in Roon.
Here is a few screenshots to explain better.

This is shows how some songs are showing up in my playlists in Mac Roon app:

In the iPhone TIDAL app they play perfectly as seen here:

In the iPhone Roon app if I go to queue list they are just missing like this:

My guess as to what’s happening and why there is this bug in Roon is that these are extremely new songs and I’m in Australia (whether its the time zone or region difference that matters I don’t know).
These songs all came out on 13th of April (today for me) and so it is still the 12th many other places. I think either the error is coming up because the date is tomorrow for Roon and therefore doesnt exist… Or maybe that even though I have an Australian TIDAL account, when I connect to TIDAL through Roon it is based in America or somewhere where the songs haven’t come out yet.

I could be totally wrong, and I’ll check tomorrow to see if the songs become available. Also yes, I have synced the TIDAL library manually and it still persists.
Hopefully this is a quick and easy fix as I’d rather not have to remember to go back to a recommended playlist and figure out which songs werent available before (since once they become available there is no way to tell which ones I missed out on listening to).


If you do a quick search on the forum for Tidal Delay

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Thanks and sorry. I searched google but nothing relevant showed up for me.
Just read that thread and it looks like you can look up new recommendations in TIDAL app and then add and they will be available in Roon to play before they are searchable in Roon.

It’s strange to me; I thought manually syncing TIDAL in Roon would have made them available if it was just an update through Roon. Guess I’ll just wait a day or whatever to make sure they’re all available before I listen next time.


Roon updates it’s internal Tidal database once a day, AFAIK. That also means that your results within Roon can be a day behind Tidal.