Delete Core and Begin Again?

Minutes before this post and relevant to it, I posted here: Best Practice: Duplicate Finding & Deleting (FLAC library >10tb):

If advice from my post is NOT to use Roon for finding and deleting duplicates, I’m thinking that it might be cleaner to delete the current Core and begin anew. Play history is fairly unimportant and I can with some effort, easily re-create my Playlists.

Thus, what is the recommended method of wiping the Core, to begin anew?

Depending on your core, delete (or rename) the roon folder at the following location:

Thanks Mike (dinosaur)!

Using previous music playing programs like iTunes (yuck), I’ve found that deleting and eliminating their footprints isn’t always as straight forward as it would seem; hence my question.

So, in addition to replacing my 10tb HD with a 16tb one (same Core PC) the new HD will have many NEW and some DELETED tracks (replacing them with other similar ones). This obviously will be done outside of Roon.

Before doing any major modifications to my music folder(s) on the soon to be former HD, I assume performing a Roon back-up makes sense. Also an Export of Playlists perhaps should be done. Sound like a plan?

At any rate, given the new HD and more importantly, my substantial adding and perhaps deletion of files/tracks, should I:

  1. Let Roon do its thing with the new HD and significant changes
  2. Clear my Core and begin anew with the new HD and its changes?

Would #2 be cleaner from a Roon file-finding and organizing standpoint, especially because I may do some metadata housecleaning before introducing the new & modified HD to Roon?

Doing 1 or 2, can I assume my Playlists will be processed. What would happen to the Playlists, if some tracks were replaced by similar ones? Would those tracks no longer be found, or simply be not seen/dropped from the Playlist…or would the Playlist(s) be corrupted? If the latter, is there a way to prevent corruption, say, by retrieving the Playlist export(s)?

I can’t comment on playlists, I don’t use them. If you’re planning on moving a lot of files, I’d suggest first temporarily disabling the Roon “watched folder” until you’re finished…

Thanks Mike.

However, can anyone else comment about my Playlist questions that result from the following two (2) questions: