Delete folder and all contents when deleting albums

Deleting albums currently removes only the audio files, leaving behind artwork etc. as well as the folder, effectively leaving litter behind. Would be great if it were enhanced to remove the folder and all contents.


Linked to this, if there is a duplicate album, it’d be great if Roon could show cover art for the two and offer to overwrite that belonging to a retained album where the cover art from the duplicate is of better quality… perhaps show both side by side along with dimensions to enable the user to decide.

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i organized my musik in folders - so every cd has is own folder. when i try to delete duplicates i noticed the the folder with jpg and pdf is still there. it would be nice if the hole folder is gone.

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When I delete albums (for example duplicates) I notice that the folders including pictures are still on the hard drive and are irritating. It would be nice if an option were included that asks whether the entire folder or just the sound files should be deleted.
Just an idea…