Delete RoonServer directory on NAS (Synology) [Answered]

I installed RoonServer on my NAS (Synology ds218+) following the instructions eslsewhere on the website. All went well but it gave me not the user experience I was hoping for. Now I installed it on PC. Question here can I delete without any hassle the RoonServer (incl. #recycle, RAATServer, RoonGoer, Roonserver part on my Synology? I am not a wizzkid so any suggestions here would be highly appreciated!

Just curious. What was it about the performance that was not what you were hoping for?

If you’ve stored everything on an internal bay, you can simply delete the “RoonServer” shared folder under “Shared Folders” in the Control Panel.
If the folders and files are stored on an USB volume, you can also just delete them in the FileStation. Doing this by smb/afp might cause trouble due to folder privileges…

Make sure, that you really don’t need the folders/files anymore. There is no recovery option available, once they’ve been deleted.

Hi John, mainly in terms of lack of speed, stability and sound quality. Roon has some advises on the website (SSD etc.) which make really sense. I was curious to test on HDD but can completely agree on their advises.

Thank you very much Crieke, your input is really appreciated!

Interesting to hear you say that. The NAS you are using is under the recommended spec to run Roon core. Many here run the core on similar type machines. Interesting to hear that you didn’t like the performance.

Indeed on the HDD but that says nothing about the SSD solution Roon promotes.

Sorry but am unclear on your meaning. What is it you are trying to say?

He had it installed on a spinning disk, which it is clear performs less well than a SSD regardless of platform.

I use a Synology NAS to store music, but I synchronize a copy of the music to the Roon servers local HD. This gives me the performance of a local installation and the convenience and safety of a central RAID source. I would occasionally get a bit of jitter when playing right over the network, but haven’t had this problem since I switched.

That’s what I thought he was trying to say. No wonder he was unhappy with the performance.