Deleted album still shows in Roon [Resolved by restarting Roon Core]

I’ve deleted an album but it still shows up in Roon. When I try to delete it again, it says “File not found”.
Even after cleaning up the library, the album is still there… Somewhere…
How may I get rid of it?

My setup:

  • Roon Core on a ROCK (NUC)
  • Media stored on a QNAP NAS
  • Playback on Sonos, Windows and Oppo


Does Roon let you browse to one of the tracks? If so right click it and look at the file info for the track path on the NAS.

Open your NAS on a PC, navigate to the album and manually delete the album folder.

I had this issue once with multiple albums that I had deleted outside of Roon. Only a restart of the Core fixed it.

The album had already been deleted. It only keeps existing within roon…

You mean a reboot will do it? Or a re-install?

Reboot of the core, not the server.

Okay, seems to have worked, after the second reboot and rescan that is. Thanks!

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