Deleted Music Folder: Shouldnt Be That Easy

I am mad at myself, but also mad at how easy this is to do. I have been a lifetime subscriber since a very first month came out to the public. I have never done this before but I can see how easy it is. One of the problems I’ve been noticing recently is every time I add music to my Sonic orbiter will not recognize it unless I do a rescan of that music folder then it instantly adds it, so really not a big deal. However, the force rescan is immediately next to the remove delete folder. If you click it that folder is gone, there’s no are you sure you want to delete it or are you really sure you want to delete it nope, it’s just gone. So now I added the folder back and it is rescanning a very very large Library, that’s going to take a very long time. That shouldn’t happen , can you please add something to prevent me from being so stupid as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this thanks

@Douglasmaurer, I moved your post to the Feedback Feature Suggestions category. This confirm/reconfirm deletion request has been requested previously, and recommend you and other users consider requesting it as a feature, although the link below is from 2018:

I think he’s talking about a Storage Folder, not deleting files-on-disk. The latter does have a warning.

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