Delivery issues


Does anyone know how I can lay hands on two iqaudio dac cards ? The site indicated new stock by end of april but one cannot order yet…

Is Hifiberry a good alternative ?



The PiDAC+ is a nice piece of work. Added bonus is that it is fully RoonReady certified and that IQ Audio has a ready-to-go image available. New PiDACs will be available over the next few days (my guess – I’m waiting to order myself). :slight_smile: Perhaps @Gordon_Garrity could provide an update?

That being said – the HifiBerry DAC+ series are excellent as well and offer similar specifications, so yes – a good alternative if you cannot (or will not) wait any longer.

I always want to to wait when a company gives a delivery date and stick to it, or update it and gives a short comment.

If IQAudIO is active here and would be kind enough to provide an update, that would be great.

Thanks for your help !

According to their website, IQ Audio have been moving office over the last days. That probably did not help. :wink:

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We have them now.

And I just confirmed my order :slight_smile: