Denon Receiver Options for Highest Quality with Roon

Well, I have Denon 3600h which is very similar to yours. Had the same impression with Direct audio. But my stream was comming via HDMI from media player. But I improved the Direct mode a lot with Denon settings.
Before I write how, tell me if you use Subwoofer otherwise that might be not relevant.

Yes, have a sub along a side wall opposite tv/sound bar. It is connected wirelessly to the Denon LFE out.

The Def Tech sound bar is an entirely different ball of wax I am endeavoring to improve…

I have to say using wireless to connect sub is so great!

I have a Denon Receiver, 8500H, connected to my NUC/ROCK server via HDMI. Also use the Roon Ready Ethernet connection streaming to an OPPO 205 with HDMI to the receiver.

In both cases the Denon DAC is doing the decoding.

The difference is with HDMI from NUC to receiver I can play multichannel files, with the OPPO Roon Ready streaming it’s Stereo only. I can’t detect any difference in the sound quality using either one.


Ok guys if you are using sub and direct mode make sure:
Go to setup-Speakers-Manual Setup

  • Speaker Config- all set to small
  • Crossovers- all set to 80Hz (can be experimented with later)
  • Bass-Mode- LFE+Main, LPF for LFE 80Hz (or whatever set in Crossovers)
  • adjust sub volume to your liking.

If you don’t have it set like this already, try it and see if any different from what you get before in Direct mode.

Denon has decent DAC and it goes up to 192/24
I believe. I use external DAC via analog (CD) input which gives me higher resolution (not that I’m crazy about that, just want to utilise the full DAC abilities). I use also external Emotiva amp for Main speakers via Denon’s pre outs with excellent results. In Direct mode Denon doesn’t do internal recoding which is great for my setup.

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