Denon Recommendation survey

Received an email from Denon asking how likely would I recommend it to a friend. I gave them an 8 out of 10. When asked why an 8 I responded with the following.

"My choice of the AVR-X8500H was the right one for me. I have it connected in a 7.2.4 speaker configuration and use the 7.1 analog inputs for an OPPO UDP-205 to play SACD’s. It all works very well and sounds great. The movie sound tracks via HDMI are fantastic with the Audyssey room correction as are all musical sources.

1 1/2 years ago I would have rated it a 10, but then I discovered the Roon Music/Server Management software and it is now the primary source for all my musical entertainment, with the Roon Ready OPPO DAC feeding the receiver. The recent Roon Tested certification for the 8500H is a plus but a Roon Ready certification for connection to my Roon Server over Ethernet would move the 8500H back to the 10 spot."

I can’t imagine that will make a difference to Denon but they asked and I answered. One can only hope.