Desktop Mac 4.3.1 to 4.6.0 issues

Hi @jussi_laako !

Updated from 4.3.1 DesktopMac to 4.6.0 Desktop Mac - many, many problems. With 4.3.1 HQP was running without any fault or issue, total unimpressed by a lot of switches between fileformats (flac, DSD, MQA, mp3), sample rates or filters.

Witrh 4.6.0 a switch from even one sample rate (44.1) to another (96.0) causes white noise and distorsion. Also switching between fileformats causes this problem. One album (same sample rate and format) is playing flawless, but the switch to another album causes the error.

Sometimes it is possible to reset this by playing a DSD file, but mostly the white noise/distorsion does not disappear by switch to DSD file. Only HQP restart solves the problem.

I downgraded to 4.3.1 again because this version is without issues for me.

Any idea?

No idea… When playing from Roon, source file format is not visible to HQPlayer at all. Only sample rate changes or when you change source content on the fly.

Curious what kind of DAC you are using? You have made sure the same output device is not enabled as a zone in Roon? And that it is not default audio output device of macOS? Can you also try with built-in audio device or some other DAC to see if you can reproduce the problem?

Hi Jussi!

I’m using a ProJect PreBox S2 digital as DAC. It is in fact not possible to activate the DAC in Roon as output zone while HQPlayer is running because it complete locks the DAC.

I tried canceling HQPlayer and play the same audio files direct to the DAC - no problems.

Now I face the same problems with HQPlayer 4.3.1! So downgrading to the former running version does not solve the problem.

On top now all PCM files are disturbed while playing, even if I restart HQPlayer complete. The only solution to stop the distortion: start paying a DSD audio file (.dsf) for some seconds, stop playing and start playing PCM files. This works until the next sample rate switching.

A little bit frustrating…

Yes, you must not have it enabled as output zone if you use HQPlayer.

This is documented here too:

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