Detect swipe up in iOS, don't affect playback

Using an iPad with the new iOS 11 gestures, it’s hard to swipe up without affecting playback in the timeline element at the bottom of the screen.

It would be great if Roon could detect a swipe and not move the now-playing cursor.


I second that request.

This has been requested several times in the forum. Search is your friend.

That said, I fully concur.

I couldn’t find it by searching, maybe I was searching for the wrong terms.

Still, if it gets fixed that will stop people from posting about it.

Hi Matt,

You can double click the home button.

Cheers, Greg

That doesn’t do the same thing though. Swipe up is nice because it doesn’t minimise the current app. I use it to swap between Roon and Harmony.

Issue solved in Roon 1.4, swiping up doesn’t interfere with playback anymore.

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Works for me, thanks!