Development Road Map

Now that Roon RAAT etc are in the hands of your partners, I expect there is some shaking down of all that in their specific and varied implementations.
But isn’t it time to restate the software roadmap, identifying the next few towns that we will notice down the road with you?
I gather there is some catch up work for high performing 64 bit solutions across different OS’s as Cores and Remotes. That will be nice. What else? When? What should we be looking forward to?

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AU/VST plugins pleeeeeeasse! :grinning:

Oh sorry, I see - you mean from the Roon founders/developers.

But seriously, can everyone who wanted Linux, HQP, special windows drivers, metadata editing, etc, please play with your new toys quietly as and when they appear, and let a few other ideas sneak through before you start demanding further enhancements to them :wink:

Be happy! For Roon has provided!

There has been much chat on other threads about showing more of the roadmap/planned feature list, e.g.

Mixed opinions on the merits of this. I for one think it would be a good idea to have a definitive list of features that the Roon team has agreed/decided to implement, so that folks don’t have to keep asking questions regarding features that are already on the roadmap.