Devialet 200 with SonicTransporter

Hi guys,

I’m planning to buy a Devialet Expert 200 and wondering if it can be used with SonicTransporter for Roon?

The system will include:

  • QNAP NAS (store music)
  • SonicTransporter running as Roon Server
  • Devialet 200 as amplifier and DAC

Can I connect both SonicTransporter and Devialet to the same router and it will work?

Do I have to install Devialet AIR or anything else?

Thanks for your help.

@Kyle_Vuong @agillis Hi Kyle, I have a Devialet Expert 200 and was (and still am) contemplating a Sonic Transporter to replace my PC (Win10) for 24/7 access to Roon. Yes, you may connect the ST and the Devialet to the same router. I actually contacted Andrew Gillis, CEO/owner of Small Green Computer that produces the ST, and he validated the set-up. I am copying Andrew on this thread in case he wishes to comment.

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Thanks for your reply. I read somewhere that we still need Microrendu as a Roon endpoint?

Hopefully Andrew can confirm if Devialet and SonicTransport can work together.

@Kyle_Vuong To my knowledge, nothing else is needed.

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If using Roon, you can use Roon AIR (no need for Devialet AIR) to stream directly to your Expert. Of course, you could use a MicroRendu to stream to the Expert’s USB input as well, but it’s not needed.

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The sonicTransporter and Devialet work great together! You don’t need anything else like a microRendu.


Thanks guys, much appreciated your quick reply.

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If your NAS is capable you wouldn’t necessarily need the sonic transporter either.

If you are trying to run Roon on a NAS make sure it has at least an i3 processor.

My NAS is not capable for Roon Server so I bought the SonicTransporter i5, the NAS is only used to store music.
Very happy with the SonicTransporter acting as Roon Server so I’ll keep it.

Didn’t realise you already had it. Definitely makes sense to leave as is then.

@Kyle_Vuong If you go ahead with the planned Devialet 200 purchase, let us know how you like the combo!

Cheers, Flashman

I just received it last night. Quickly set it up and connect to Ethernet and it works with the SonicTransporter like a charm! The sound is amazing! Didn’t have much time to do some A/B testing but will do over the weekend.
At the moment I cannot stream Spotify/Tidal and Airplay (by Airplay I mean anything from my phone, youtube, not only music as I know the Devialet can stream music from phones via wifi), so I’m thinking of adding an Auralic Aries or a dacless network streamer in between. It will be connected to the Devialet via AES cable.

@Kyle_Vuong Great news, Kyle! I’m confused, however, as to why you can’t access Tidal. Since you have Roon, which has Tidal as an option, you should be able to stream this via your current setup. Of course, you can’t access Spotify via Roon so that’s understandable.

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Sorry, yes I mean Spotify, I can stream Tidal via Roon :slight_smile:

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