Devialet Air Signal Path no longer displays Bass, Treble, Balance etc

One of the nice(est) features of last year’s Air streaming from Roon was display in Roon’s Signal Path of various settings in the amp like Bass, Treble, Invert… This also worked on Pro, but when the CI board was installed it’s gone. Why? Lacking feedback from the Air receiver now running on the new CI? New format on the feedback from Air not yet implemented in Roon?

Whereabouts were these settings displayed, in Roon or the Expert display.

Genuine question as I can have a look at my set-up and see if the same, ie not showing.

In Roon Signal Path. Like this: a bit down in the blog

Thanks, I’d never actually noticed that before. Is the info specific only to Experts, or does other endpoints have this.

Hopefully it’s something that can be put back, but strange why the CI would mean losing this info. Here’s hoping when RAAT compatibility finally comes to the CIPro’s the info will be restored.

Not working here on CI either.
FWIW I still rarely use AIR - even RoonAIR has the odd short crackly glitch here or there for me, whereas the digiOne is rock solid. I just stay with that device. Looking forward to RAAT and clearing out the extra boxes.

I am not a fan of playing with Bass/ Treble settings on any of my amps including the Devialet - You better off playing or changing the source (Tidal/ Hi Res Recordings) or Speakers that matches your tastes including the style of music that you like together with speakers that match your hearing (after testing the speakers with the amp with your music). Of course the matching of speakers to the DAC/ Amp varies not only in terms our tastes (like matching food and wine) but also the space we allocate to the sound system - My view is that if you get this aspect right you don’t need to adjust any of the equaliser settings.

Thanks @Rash, but your post is besides the point I make. It is the lack of displaying the status of bass, treble, invert etc. I am commenting, not use of these functions.

This info seems to be there when using Raat.

Yes it is and I for one am very happy about that

We are getting close to the info you would have expected Devialet to put into their own app, now if roon will just work out how to let us change those settings that will be perfect.