Devialet AIR with Exclusive Mode no sound


May I know why is it that using Devialet AIR as output and setting it to use Exclusive mode, there’s no sound. Can this be solved?

Let me add this is running on Mac Mini.


Nice to see you here as well as the Devialetchat forum. I just set mine up and it works fine I disabled the systems output and named the Air as Lounge and made that the default output and it worked fine - no drop outs no white noise sounds fantastic.


Yeah, i guessed as much that we met at Devialetchat. What system are you using Roon on? Win/Mac? Core or with Remote? AIR works on Roon if not Exclusive on Mac (I think this is a Mac issue), but works well on Win8.1.

Sorry should have read more closely. I am running on an Intel i3 NUC with 8GB memory and 2 x SSD. Just using core at the moment as I would like it to work with IOS as a remote. If it does and AIR keeps working I may buy the life membership :grinning:

No problem, mate. If your eventual setup is to use Core to AIR to Devialet, then this is not an issue. What I’d done was Mac runs Core, and using a Win8.1 Tablet running Remote and AIR to Devialet. I’d also tested using Fidelizer with Roon on the Win8.1 and AIR to Devialet. It’s fun!

Hi Devialetchat buddies :wink: My headless Mac Mini running Roon is connected directly via USB to the Devialet 200 with exclusive mode switched on. Working great, eagerly awaiting the iOS app though. As you say HK, it could be a Devialet Air driver issue regarding exclusivity mode on the Mac, rather than Roon itself, but I may be wrong.

Hi there. I’m having my Mac Mini connected to my D200 via USB exclusive and integer mode, too. Alternatively audio option is as per my last thread.

Actually, it may be Mac’s issue. On PC/Win8.1, I can use AIR with Exclusive mode.

Defiantly OS-X (Mac) only issue. You may still get White Noise under Windows as, unlike Roon, Devialet do appear incapable of bug fixing :frowning:

I totally agree with you on Devialet’s poor bugs fixing,

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So far I have been playing 44/16 (no hi-res) using either Roon or jRiver Media Center on a ethernet wired Windows 7 PC for 2 weeks, using Air to a Devialet 120 and have not encountered a single white noise problem.

Interestingly I started with Wifi and for me it was so stable that I haven’t even tried ethernet yet. I did encounter 2 occasions in the same listening session where the music stuttered somewhat, but this was solved by disabling and re-enabling Air and I haven’t experienced this since (almost 1 week now).

Meanwhile a friend has white noise issues with his D200 almost every other day. He tried all settings possible with Foobar and jRiver but can’t get it 100% stable.

I believe Devialet have acknowledged the issue, yet it seems a fix might not be coming. I was told the other day (by a Devialet dealer) that the Dialog will be made to work with D120/200/250, which will likely (hopefully) fix the issue for those that do experience it.

So has anyone gotten the Devialet to work with a Mac running Roon Core using a direct ethernet connection between the Mac Mini and Devialet and AIR?

I get no sound from my system. USB of course works fine.

Just replied you on Devialetchat. The answer is Exclusive Mode on Mac will not work for AIR.

@hk6230 Thanks Gary, well there goes that attempt at system simplification…

They’ve ‘sort of’ acknowledged it… And I think you’re right, the fix looks unlikely, given that this has been going on for a year or more in various incarnations.

The Dialogue doesn’t really fix the issue per se, as it will add a requirement of an additional box - whereas Air was meant to enable users to stream direct to their Devialets over Ethernet/wifi.

And of course dialogue compatibility is about a year behind now as well, and no ones certain what will materialise at the next big update (rumoured to be Munich but nothing concrete as usual).

Most users suffering Air issues have long since abandoned it and moved on - many feeling more than a little upset with Devialet. Put simply, they created a unique cutting edge device, but their software division (if you can call it that) is appalling.

Apologies @bplexico, but sadly you’ve joined a growing club of users forced to work around Air issues on your own time/expense.

@hifi_swlon - Yes tis true - I have it working with Bootcamp on the same Mac Mini using Windows 10. I had issues with the driver crashing on Windows 10 on a laptop, so switched to the Mini, going to see if I have any issues under the Mac Mini or hopefully it is stable…knock on wood.