Devialet ASIO USB problems with Roon

Question for users that have Roon on a Windows PC and connect to the Devialet via USB.

I reinstalled windows on my all-in-one PC to clear all Lenovo bloatware and also to have Windows 10 pro with remote desktop support. Roon (latest version) was also reinstalled; I migrated the old database as described somewhere on the Roonlabs site.

I use the USB ASIO mode in Roon Audio setup.

Here’s what bugs me:

  1. I play one song.
  2. I get busy with something else, and my 120 goes into power saving mode.
  3. I turn the 120 on again and wait patiently until USB appears on the 120’s mini display.
  4. If I play the next song, Roon says “TRANSPORT: Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device”

I solve this by closing and restarting Roon. Which is very annoying.

Any ideas?
I did not have this problem before under the ‘factory’ Windows 10 Home install.

There is nothing you can do other than switch to WASAPI instead of ASIO. Without a Devialet the Roon developers can’t seem to track the problem down, I reported it months ago.

I can give you a suggestion that will save some time. Just change the max sample rate from Disabled to 192,000 or the other way 192,000 to disabled and Roon will be able to talk to the Devialet again. Saves you having to restart Roon each time.

Stopping (terminating) play with ctrl-t (or long click on the pause button) might also save you having to restart Roon.

I don’t think so as I would try to start playing something new and it would give me the transport error as well.

The trick with the sample rate worked indeed.
For now, I’ll switch to WASAPI.
But what bugs me is that I did not have this problem with ASIO before. I wonder if my re-install of Windows pushed a generic Microsoft driver somewhere where I had something better with original Lenovo factory install.

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Tried playing some DSD to the Devialet via Roonbridge configured to use the Devialet ASIO driver. It sent the audio device into some kind of loop. It flashed in out out of service, had to turn off my amp and restart Roonbridge.

Switched Roonbridge to the WASAPI driver and I’m playing DSD fine. DSD over WASAPI new?

Nah, DSD over WASAPI has been working forever.

These Devialet drivers are notoriously tricky. @mike will be around to help gather logs so we can take a look.

WASAPI works. I don’t expect the Devialet drivers to work properly. They are too busy attending F1 events and such.

ASIO is fixed with latest RoonBridge, recovering nicely from the Devialet cycling inputs and powering on and off.

Very nice, @brian!!

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ASIO has been acting up for me again. Not sure if it worked with build 13 and quit working after 18/19.

If I stop playback and switch inputs and when I come back I get no sound on playback. I have to stop it again and cycle the inputs on the Devialet and hit play again and then I get sound. VERY WEIRD!

Again, don’t worry about it, Devialet couldn’t be bothered to talk to you or even me as a customer. They are way too busy at F1 and flying in resellers for parties.

I have the same issues with my Devialet. It is very annoying. Especially for my Wife! I use the devialet in the Living Room.
I will probably have to do some tests.

The easiest workaround:

Press play on an album, if you get no sound long press the pause button. Press play again, you should now have sound.

The above seems to initiate a handshake again or something. @brian would be able to explain why it works.

Hi Guys, I have the same problem with the Asio driver crashing after switching inputs. Did you find a solution? I really hope so, because it depends on keeping the Devialet or not. Hope to hear from you!

Hello @Bas_ten_Tusscher,

I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here. The next time that you see this issue, please report in a new post what the local time the issue occurred. We can then request a diagnostics report from your Roon Core that will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers.