Devialet News: Prices Shifting September 7

Looking further into the e-mail from Devialet, predictably the prices are only shifting in one direction, although there is an implication that some may not move.

However, there is a small window of opportunity over the next few days to get what might turn out to be a bargain. I have just jumped.

I use Devialet amplifiers and I am very satisfied with them. The sound quality is very good (impressive, I would say).
However, it seems a bit strange to me the decision to increase the price of a product with unchanged technologies for several years and without adding any new functionality. I saw the reason provided by Devialet for the price increase, but it still seems a little strange to me…

Heat, light, transport and people are all costing much more, so this was inevitable. Intel are threatening a 20% price hike which will also be on old stock, since they can charge what they like for the new generation.

Can you share the info on the increase? Thanks.

This is it for the moment.

Starting Wednesday, September, 7th, the price of several products in our catalog will be increasing.

This is due to rising component, manufacturing and shipping costs. Adjusting prices accordingly will allow us to continue delivering the product quality and availability you’ve come to expect from us.