Devialet RAAT Audio Dropout Issues - Fixed after updating to the latest Roon 1.8 (Build 831)

That is good! Will check again.

Will check this out.

I will remove WiFI on 220pro and just ETH Wire ONLY to see if it help … ?

Will try all three tomorrow.

FYI: Regarding Lock-Screen-Disabled in my case. I m still using Device Volume and able to control volume on Devialet from Phone. Except Locked screen is disabled. this way it works just fine. It does not work (Drops) the moment i enabled the Locked-Screen.

All modes working all over again.
Locked screen enabled
Full time Eth wired
AIR / RAAT works (no drops)
Switching between AIR and RAAT is quick (~1sec)

I also checked WiFi no drops either.

I’m now blaming issues with internet yesterday

Anyways thanks

I have intermittently suffered from the roon dropouts issues for years. POSSIBLY resolved as of the latest upgrade but I need more time to assess. I wonder if the problem is tricky as its a combination of overall ethernet connectivity speed AND local net connections. I sometimes operate in low bandwidth areas and find the problem is much worse if internet connectivity is below about 3Mbps but appears to go away when I have about 2x or 3x that (rather sad) connection speed.

I use an orthodox roon rock with devialet expert pro and gigabit local hw.

I’m not sure the Devialet Roon Ready dropout issue it’s local network ethernet speed related from my experience, please refer to earlier post.

The workaround recommended by Roon and other users is to change GigE switch to 100Mb/s or use WiFi, essentially downgrading the max network bit rate.

It is true, the problem is not related to local network ethernet speed.
I did several measurements and investigations on this issue and I sent the results to Devialet. The problem also occurs in Ethetnet 100 Mbps, only in this case the magnitude of the problem is smaller and its effect is not large enough to significantly affect streaming / listening (which happens in Ethernet 1000 Mbps).

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When did you send it to Devialet - and what was the reply?

That was 2 years ago. I did not receive any consistent or noteworthy response.

Maybe it’s a good idea to ping Devialet again as 831 update changed some things - and it’s still needed to get a status about the final fix inside Devialet architecture.

According to Devialet the Gigabit problem was solved with the latest update.

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There it says also „improvements“ to the gigabit problem. So obviously it needs some more improvements to finally fix this :wink:

No problem here😜

Been testing the last days with the new 831 build and upsamle all to 192/24 and it seems to work a lot better with the last update.

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Devialet fixed the Ethernet problem with the last update as Fietser mentioned.

The audio dropout only started with Roon 1.8, but the latest 1.8 (831) release fixed the dropout for my system.

I had to let roon down sample 192/24, so it was not fixed (at least not for me). I did a long test with both raat and Air and just gave up. No big deal for me on SQ, just surprised (and a little irritated) that it could not handle what a $50 Rpi2 did without a problem.

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Guess the only solution to this is keep pinging @support and Devialet in parallel to finally get a solid working version. It’s really annoying to have these bugs over such a ling time.

192/24 is the highest rate the Expert can handle so that makes sense. Don’t know why anyone would even bother with higher rates except if you play music for your dog or pet bat.

NOT FIXED with an Expert 120. Crackling very much still an issue when upsampling to 24/192 in Roon. Back to the Zen Stream.

Not fixed here.
DOS 2.13.2 and Roon 1.8 Build 850

Phantoms ii 98db and phantom ii 108db; using ethernet makes 0 difference in dropout & distortion. airplay works ok.

Problem in this topic was occuring with the Expert Pro. Yours sounds like a network problem. Better repost in the general support section.

The audio dropout issue has nothing to do with the network. It’s a Roon 1.8 early version problem that was fixed in the latest update. I’m not sure if it’s a general issue for other endpoints or specific to the Devialet.

Just updated to the 1.8 (Build 880) today, the D250 PRO still works fine.