Devialet Remote app

I have a small issue. When i was using Roon with Ethernet the input switched as soon as I started to play music from Roon.
Now that I am using USB I have to use the remote app and it takes an age to get started, sometimes I am sitting for nearly a minute before I can change the input as the display just whirls around.
Another less important one I guess is there are a lot of options on the remote app, can I rename them, for eg my TB uses optical 1 , can I rename this to say TV using the configurator maybe? Maybe even delete all of the options I do not use?

Any guidance appreciated

I’ve stopped using the Devialet app. It has sadly not been updated in a long time and I feel it is not ‘current’. The Devialet remote is better in my view. To re-name inputs on the amplifier you must use the Configurator. I have not used the Configurator after my 250 returned with the CI installed (the pre-CI config still works) so I do not know if there are new configurations available.

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I also dislike the Devialet remote app. I feel like Roon has completed the Devialet experience and if I can help it, I will no longer use the Devialet remote :slight_smile:

I wonder what was the reason to move from using the ethernet input to USB?

Anyways, things that might help could indeed be disabling all the inputs that are not being used, renaming the inputs in the configurator and setting the default input that is selected when Devialet boots up.

That’s basically how I’ve got mine configured. I’m only using a phono input for my record player and ethernet for Roon. When my Devialet boots up the phono input is selected, unless of course it boot it from Roon.

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My journey to why I use USB is all in there if you ant to look at the thread, but basically it was for a better sound quality in my set up.
So I have to use the Devialet remote app or the Dev remote as the volume cant be controlled via Roon when using USB.
I only use it for 2 inputs too and is currently set up for TV when the Devialet boots up. I will try and change the names and disable some inputs in the configurator.
So not just me having problems then, I like the remote app as its the best way of controlling the volume for me.
Thanks for the posts guys