Devialet Roon Nucleus

I use qobuz, roon and roon nucleus with Devialet Air. In my room it is difficult with Ethernet cable. I go with WiFi. I know that it is impossible to go DSD64. But what I want to know is About Sound Quality. Is Ethernet generally the best way? or is it with qobuz the same WiFi or LAN.

I know wifi is not recommended, but I used to use it for 16/44 without any dropouts - caveat: 5ghz band, and in the same room, so a strong signal. I didn’t notice any sound quality change with ethernet cable.

I don’t think it is about Sound Quality, but, rather, Playback Quality. Ethernet is going to give you a solid playback experience, no dropouts for example. WiFi can be affected by external environment which can lead to drop-outs; especially with higher resolution sources.
Audio sound wise if everything is functioning well, I don’t notice a difference.

I used 5ghz WiFi for a year and eventually moving to cat5 cable did not change anything sq wise just made it more stable and quicker to connect. Just make sure you have good WiFi with plenty of bandwidth.

I use wifi for my Devialet in another location (separate setup to my home) and there are no issues from SQ perspective as long as you have a robust router which mitigates dropout issues - I stream Hi Res files inclusive of streaming with absolutely no problems.

Thank you so much for your experience. We have a further problem. When using Lan. Different cable sound. I am trying ethernet cables from rooter to Nucleus…

If different ethernet cables have different sound, will the music sound different when using wi-fi and different air refreshers?