Devialet Volume Control

The volume control on my Devialet does not work with Roon. The only way to control the volume is within the Roon software. Is there anyway to fix this? The Devialet app is connected and shows changes that I make on the physical remote but it has no impact on the output from my system.

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Can you show your Device Setup screen? Is this a Devialet Phantom or some other Devialet device.
At least for the Phantom I have it set to Device Volume. I have the Phantom connected to the network by a RPi3 running Ropieee with SPDIF out to the Phantom. Volume control works fine.
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Make sure in Roon its set to “device volume”, click volume > cogs > device setup

I lose the connection to my remote volume control too whenever I use the control in the Roon software. Very irritating, but easily fixed. Power the Devialet all the way down (may have to unplug it) and then turn it back on with the remote. You may have to re-pair the remote by holding it close to the Devialet and adjusting the volume.