Device Icons Not Showing

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 PC, Ryzen 3600, 16 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Modi 3+ through USB

Number of Tracks in Library

634 locally owned, 844 in total

Description of Issue

Screenshot 2021-10-15 162218
As shown above, the icon for my Modi 3+ is not showing up, it is just blank. This is happening with all device icons. How do I fix this?

I believe this to be an issue on the server side. One of Roon’s backend service that is offline or malfunctioning. Might have to wait until the weekend’s over and the people at Roon to fix it.

Weirdly enough, this issue isn’t happening on my phone, only my PC.

Have you or anyone else seen this issue recently?

Hey @GarbageGamer

Thank you for the head’s up on this. As @Nepherte mentioned this can occur when there’s a significant delay in your device reaching our server. (Thanks Nepherte!) Missing icons will typically return once delayed network connectivity issues have resolved themselves.

Can you try restarting the machine exhibiting this behavior and let us know if that clears it up?

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This does not fix the issue, I have restarted my PC at least 50 times since this issue started and that does not help.

I have the same problem but only on PC (roonserver and frontend on the same PC).

Using for example the KEF LSX speakers, icon doesn’t show but using roon from my iphone icon shows perfectly (and yes, checked both at the same time).

Hope it help to debug the problem

I fixed the issue by removing Logitech G Hub, FOR SOME REASON, it causes this issue.

Hi @GarbageGamer

Thank you for the update on this and for passing along that the Logitech add-on may have been the cause. We really appreciate that! I’m happy that your icons have returned. Happy listening! :v: :loud_sound:

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