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Nubie question so apologies.

So I’m getting the most out of MQA on ROON could you tell me where I need to be in DEVICE SET UP MQA please?

At the moment MQA Capabilities is set to “No MQA Support (Default)

The options are:
Decode and Render
Decode Only
Render Only

Which one of these should I set the Device to to get the full benefits from MQA.

Many thanks in anticipation of a reply.

The zone’s setting should match the MQA capability of the device you are streaming to.

What device do your have and what are it’s MQA capabilities?

If you are using a fully MQA capable DAC, set it to Decoder and Renderer and set Roon to No MQA decoder. If your DAC is an MQA renderer only, set it to Render Only and set Roon decoding to On. If your DAC has no MQA capability, set Roon decoding to On.

Most of the time I’m using my iPad and iPhone to listen to Roon through a Hidizs S3 PRO Hi-Res DAC which is MQA supported. These devices are set as end points on the Core which is on my Mac Mini.

That’s not the best advice, as it means that if DSP is enabled on Roon, MQA will be lost.
There are very few occasion when it may be desirable to switch force the Roon MQA decoder off.

Remember that when Roon is configured for “Decoder and Renderer” it will only enable it’s MQA decoder if DSP is in use.

Thanks for the advice Jim.

Where do I find “Set Roon decoding to On” please?

From the device setup, it’s in the advanced section, you may have to scroll down to see the option.

You’re correct Carl. I never use any DSP.

Thanks Carl I’ll take a look later.

Device Setup - Show Advanced

You’ll have to drag it up to see

Thanks Jim.

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So do I need to switch on “Enable MQA core decoder” in Advanced settings to get maximum value from MQA? If so, do I need to switch it off manually if I’m not using an MQA supported DAC?

Yes, if you’re using Roon DSP. Not necessary if you never use Roon DSP, but it doesn’t hurt anything to switch it on. When you’re not using an MQA DAC you want to set Roon decoding to On unless you don’t want to decode any MQA files that your are playing. Some people hate MQA. I like it.

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The DAC you’re using does rendering, not the first unfold. So you should set turn on “Enable MQA core decoder”. If your device has an LED or similar indicator that it is receiving MQA, make sure that is the case.


Not true, if the DAC does not support MQA decoding then it needs to be enabled.

As I said early, for the vast majority of users Roon’s Core MQA decoder should be switched on.

Switching it off is a brute force option. When enabled Roon will use it or not as appropriate depending on how the zone’s device settings are configured.

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That’s a different situation which I addressed above.

“If your DAC has no MQA capability, set Roon decoding to On”

Please read the entire post. Geez. I said that twice in two different posts.

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