Device Setup - Ability to select Endpoint when using Bridge components

So I use the SonoreUPnP Bridge to my Naim NDS network player, and would like to use the artwork for the Naim components over the default applied to the Squeezebox route.
Small point, I know but I have the Sonore UltraRendu artwork for this RoonReady device and USB output, but this with an SPDIF converter is inferior to the bit perfect stream presented via the UPnP Bridge output to the NDS.
Thanks, Simon

Artwork is dependent on Roon accreditation I think. If you are using a UPnP bridge to make your Naim device work with Roon then it is emulating a Squeezebox in order to work. Roon doesn’t know the Naim gear is actually on the end. It could literally be any UPnP device. In this instance it may be worth letting Naim know you would like this.

So I need a method of selecting the actual endpoint that is being bridged to. This is a per configuration setting, given that the UPnP device could be any DLNA certified component - but my request is to make this a selectable option for endpoints using the Squeezebox emulation mode, in the same way they have for RAAT/RoonReady devices.

Ah, OK. Out of my depth then!