Device Setup for Wyred 4 Sound Dacs

I have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2SE DAC. When I go into Device Setup and ‘Identify Device’, there are no W4S DACs, although Roon recognizes it as 32bit 384kHz DSD Interface. Do you plan on including this company’s DACs in your list when you try and ‘Find your Device’?

That is something W4S have to initiate. Without that relationship Roon will just generically identify it’s capabilities.

The W4S DAC is not an endpoint. The W4S DAC would show up in something such as HQPlayer preferences, but it would not log in as a Roon device. What you need is an endpoint (Roon capable player) which will contact to the W4S DAC and out to your preamp/amp.

reviewing issue that i also have. Elac dicovery connect , I have coax to wyred4sound dac2. Interconnects from elac to Atoll pre-amp. The pre-amp feed a pair of elac navis.

I play from laptop roon via blue tooth.

it makesno difference if dac is powered on.
Any thoughts on getting hook-up correctly?

Maybe the W4S should feed the pre amp not the ELAC