Devices supported by Auto Sleep?

Does anybody know which devices support Auto Sleep? I still need to buy a streamer and would like to buy one that supports this function.

The release notes state:

“This setting will work with Roon Ready devices that meet the above criteria”, but in the notes, there are no criteria given.

I don’t want to order a streamer in order to check if it works or not.

The Moon 280D with Mind 2 streaming module is supported.

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The Moon 280D with Mind2 is actually #1 on my wishlist. However, I cannot find a German online shop that sells this device for a reasonable price. The best price I found is EUR 1800, but without the Mind, and EUR 2222 with the Mind1. Every shop that sells it with the Mind2 wants EUR 3400 (where it then would be cheaper to buy the Moon 280D alone and add the Mind2 for EUR 1000, ending with a total price of EUR 2800)

My current list of alternatives would be

  • Naim ND5 XS2 (also EUR 2800)
  • Auralic Altair G1 (EUR 2200)
  • ELAC DDP-2 (EUR 2600; comes with a pre-amp that I don’t need)

I bought my Moon 280D at a local shop in the Netherlands for Eur 2000 including the Mind 2 module,it was a ex-demo.

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The most recent email says:-

“We’ve also implemented a new “Auto Sleep” feature for selected Roon Ready devices which support standby mode, as well as products from Devialet, Linn, and Meridian, allowing users to automatically put their audio products into standby mode after music stops playing.”


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That’s a good price! Sadly, no price-reduced demo devices over here in Germany.

Thanks. I read that, but the “as well as“ let me believe that these are not the only devices. But they forgot to provide a list of the “selected Roon ready devices“ which I read as “not all Roon ready devices can do this“.

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Ah sorry - I misread your post!

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I have a Auralic Aries G1 and at this time Auto Sleep is not enabled (even though the device supports it via their Lightning App). They may have to incorporate the latest SDK in their firmware. I have asked the question on the Auralic forum and it has received the usual response from them … i.e. absolutely nothing. Unfortunately some manufacturers pick and choose which Roon functions they will implement - Roon Ready isn’t a ‘defined’ standard in terms of functions supported by the hardware.

Thanks, that’s valuable info!

Especially because the Auralic devices seem to consume way more energy. In my list, most devices are around 10 to 15 Watt max. consumption, but Auralic lists 50 Watt max. consumption. So it’s a pity that the most power hungry device in the list does not profit from new energy saving functions.

No problem!

My ELAC Discovery Connect was delivered today. Now I can say that neither the ELAC nor the current HifiBerry DAC+ Pro support Auto Sleep.

Also, a Moon is really hard to get for a good price nowadays. Therefore, I settled with a Naim ND5 XS2 (my second choice). Like the Moon, the Naim is already very low on power consumption (especially when compared to the Auralic). But I could order the Naim for EUR 2240, while the Moon would have cost me EUR 1777 plus another EUR 1000 for the Mind2 module.

As soon as the Naim is delivered (will take around 2 weeks in total), I will provide an update on its Auto Sleep capability.

I have a couple Moon MiND2 Network Players (streamer only). They work flawlessly with Roon (including Auto Sleep) :+1:

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I can’t find any mention of a Roon Nucleus being able to put itself to sleep (via Auto Sleep), has anyone figured this out yet?

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I got the Naim ND5 XS2 today. It supports Auto Sleep, and it also can be powered on from Standy via Roon.

However, the Naim and the ELAC Discovery Connect both need to be configured via an App before they can be used properly. I wanted to use the analogue RCA outputs, and both devices had the analogue RCA outputs disabled (the Naim has the default set to it’s analogue DIN output, while the ELAC uses the digital output as the default).

Autosleep support (alphabetical order)

Auralic Aries G1 -> NO (Use: max. 50W, Sleep: 10W)
ELAC Discovery Connect -> NO (Idle: 2W)
HifiBerry -> NO (Use: < .3W)
SOtM sMS-200ultra -> NO (Idle: 10W)
Moon 280D with Mind2 -> YES (Idle: 10W, Sleep: ?W)
Naim ND5 XS2 -> YES (Standby: <2W, Deep Sleep: < .5W)
Volumio Primo -> ? (Idle: 4W)